Design: Outside Development provides architectural services through a network of design professionals. With a relationship of trust and a thorough understanding of the project’s vision already established from the early stages of a project, architectural services through Outside Development is an informed process that prompts quality and efficiency throughout all traditional phases of design and construction to completion.

Consulting: Outside Development provides support for the conception of new building development projects. Our goal is to aid in the development of a concept, vision or proposal, engaging a context’s past and present in order to project the future life of the development. We are especially interested in how alternative land ownership models, new government subsidies, and infrastructure/energy distribution will counter traditional real estate processes and support local economies. Our areas of expertise include climate change, renewable energy, architectural and urban history, and political economy. Through such a wide scope of investigation, we bring together as many issues as are relevant to overcoming the obstacles that hinder healthy communities today.

In the early stages of a building development, Outside Development provides services as an independent consultant to realize strategies informed by the context, local bureaucracies, building departments, investigations, code and literature, all the while seeking opportunities for alternative models of land ownership and energy/infrastructure distribution. A multi-faceted analysis/strategy is communicated through drawing, rendering, slide show or board presentations. In this phase, Outside Development essentially provides a 2-part document as a base component:

Part (1) Data providing information on opportunities for alternative models of land ownership, zoning, utilities, governance, transportation, schools, businesses, industry and demographics which lay the groundwork for diagrams, schematic pro forma proposals and spread sheets.

Part (2) A vision or concept informed by part (1) that is concerned with shaping a strategy for the development in terms of programmatic scope, architectural scale, developmental schedule and budget, energy generation, and socioeconomic models. This part of the document is represented primarily with images, drawings, diagrams and texts.

The two-part document will encompass the unique needs of the project and will posses the essential components necessary to meet early benchmarks in the planning stages of a development such as land acquisition, historic/design review boards, request for proposals, planning boards approvals, and public hearings. Furthermore, the content produced by Outside Development will constitute the substance of the package/query used by developers to bring investors onto the project.

More importantly, a clear strategy will help keep the project on the right track. A strong concept and vision will propel a development to its greatest potential, mutually benefiting the investor and the project’s communal, societal and ecological context.