Outside Development interjects architecture as we know it into situations unknown. Architecture as we know it is poised to either subvert or govern human heritage with its capacity to rupture both subject and object with regards to perspective and politics. As such the history of architecture has only begun to scratch the surface of modernity. Outside Development makes propositions for an indelible present and participates in its patient but inevitable evolution. Architecture is not necessarily concomitant with architectural knowledge, but more precisely with a neorealism, a plastic medium, that stretches to dialectically react to present realities. Therefore, architecture as we know it is not necessarily what we know, but a process that is contingent upon a perpetual choice to engage with the inscrutable present as it happens. The following projects by Outside Development are a way of coping with our anxiety over our present age of unprecedented economic disparity. But architecture, drawing from both economic and material resources, is naturally obliged to represent the interests of the wealthiest individuals and corporate identities. The medium of architecture notwithstanding is in and of itself a disinterested mechanism and therefore, architecture can and should freely and fluidly be exchanged through intellectual discourse despite what it signifies for the various markets it subsequently affects. But we are often flabbergasted to find the discourse even in academic settings wanting such grace. Nevertheless the anxieties caused by all that society is and all that architecture has become is fuel for our architecture, now. The following projects by Outside Development attest.