“Other Transitions: A Pre-history of Carbon Form” (working title)
AA Files - Forthcoming

“Two Modernities in One: Carbon Form and the Reduction of Ecological Space”
Featured in Non-Extractive Architecture, V-A-C Foundation Venice Zattere - Forthcoming

"The Anacoluthic City: Urbs Oeconomica and the Dissolution of Urban Ground
Perspecta 53 - Fall 2020

Lateness, Peter Eisenman with Elisa Iturbe
Princeton University Press - Spring 2020

On Default: A Conversation with Elisa Iturbe
Paprika - Sept 17, 2020

​“A Sort of Ambition: in Conversation with Elisa Iturbe
Paprika - Dec 12, 2019

"Architecture and the Death of Carbon Modernity"
Log 47: Overcoming Carbon Form, guest edited by Elisa Iturbe - Fall 2019
*nominated for the Pierre Vago Journalism Award, 2020 Dennis Sharp CICA Awards

"The Named & the Unnamed"
Paprika - January 31, 2018

"The Border is Not a Line"
Log 39 - Winter 2017

"Women & the Architectural Review: the Gendered Presentation of Architectural Work"
Dearq Journal of Architecture - July 2017

"Regarding the Merits of the Uncomfortable Building
Pulp #35 - January 2017

"Feature Interview with Elisa Iturbe"
Pulp #13


Michael Owen Jones Memorial Lecture
School of Architecture at the University of Virginia - Feb 8, 2021

Respondent to “The Becoming Unmotivated of the Sign
Gwathmey Chair Lecture by Peter Eisenman - Nov 19, 2020

The City as Carbon Form
UCLA Architecture and Urban Design - Nov 20, 2020

Lateness Book Launch
Hosted by Yale University School of Architecture and Princeton University Press - Nov 5, 2020

“Overcoming Carbon Form”
Transdisciplinary Lecture Series, Habitat: Mediation and Co-construction
Lecture and discussion with Ciro Miguel and Vanessa Grossman, TU Delft - Oct 22, 2020

“Climate Fictions: Rania Ghosn and Elisa Iturbe”
Cooper Union Climate Week - October 8, 2020

“Human Body/Carbon City: The Environment from Two different Scales”
In conversation with Austin Wade Smith, Cooper Union Student Lecture Series - April 15, 2020

“Overcoming Carbon Form”
Planning the Green New Deal
Harvard Graduate School of Design - February 29, 2020

“Carbon Form”
Night White Skies podcast, Episode 68

Launch of Log 47: Overcoming Carbon Form
Discussion with Daniel Barber, Michael Bell, Elisa Iturbe, Doug Spencer
Moderated by Cynthia Davidson
AIA New York Center for Architecture - November 19, 2019

"Carbon & Critical Spatial Practice"
American Association of Geography Conference - April 2019

“Gender & Performance: Architecture School and the Performance of Femininity”
Architecture & Feminism Conference
Parsons School of Design - Spring 2015

Academic Positions:

Critic, Yale School of Architecture - 2019 to present

A Critical History of Domestication: The House + Environments of Subsistence
Joint-seminar with Pier Vittorio Aureli
Spring, 2021

Studio: Design 4 - Urban Studio, 2nd year core
Spring 2021

Thirdspace: Advanced Studio with Peter Eisenman
Fall 2020

Studio: Design 2 - Dwelling, 1st year core
Spring 2020

The City and Carbon Modernity, Seminar
Fall 2019

Rome: Continuity & Change, Seminar
Summer 2019

Coordinator, Joint-Degree Program in Architecture and Environmental Management - 2019 to present
Yale School of Architecture + Yale School of the Environment

Assistant Professor Adjunct, Cooper Union School of Architecture - 2019 to present

Studio: Design III, Formal Analysis, 3rd year
Fall 2020, Fall 2019

Environments: The City as Carbon Form
Spring 2021, Spring 2020

Visiting Professor, Cooper Union School of Architecture - 2018 to 2019

Studio: Environments: The City and Carbon Modernity
Spring 2019

Architectonics I: First year design studio
Fall 2019

Architectonics II: First year design studio
Spring 2018

Critic, Yale School of Architecture - 2016 to 2018

Lateness: Advanced Studio with Peter Eisenman
Fall 2017

Baring the Device: Advanced Studio with Peter Eisenman
Fall 2016

Formal Analysis with Peter Eisenman
Fall 2017, Fall 2016

Diagrammatic Analysis with Peter Eisenman
Spring 2018, Spring 2017


Form in Rem, Group show with citygroup, New York City
Featured drawing: Face Value by Outside Development - 2019

Tempietto Exemplum, Group show curated by Amanda Iglesias and Spencer Fried
Yale School of Architecture Gallery, New Haven CT
Featured drawing: ad infinitum ad finem

To Draw is to See: Drawing From Rome, Group show in Hearst Tower, New York City
Featured drawing: San Ignazio